Advantages of Using Cable and Tube Conveyors

Cable ad tube conveyor systems are typically used in food, beverage, and feed processing for sanitary reasons. These systems are closed meaning ingredients are not subject to particles in the air, a change in temperature, or handling by staff at various stages. Items are transported gently and safely through all the stages of processing in the same compartment within a tube. One piece adjustable disks are between each separate compartment.


The sizes of separated compartments are not the only elements of these systems that are flexible. A custom designed and manufactured system can be installed to move in any direction. Turnaround parts, angled sweeps, and compression couplers are fitted into the final product to allow the conveyor to operate vertically, horizontally, round corners, between floors, and also go from one building to another if necessary. This is ideal for companies that operate in renovated buildings, have few staff members, or want to become more efficient. Business owners can learn more here.

Other Applications

In addition to the processing of consumables, cable and tube conveyors present advantages for manufacturing small items, such as craft supplies, delicate embellishments for decorating home décor, or smaller nuts, bolts, or screws. Little pieces will not slide into moving parts of the conveyor belt resulting in repairs and down time. Packaging is consistent which helps with quality control. Items like small plastic beads and finger nail studs will not get dented or crushed.

Less Overhead Costs

An enclosed system is cleaner to operate because nothing falls onto the floor or around the edges of machinery. There is less wasted or rejected product, very little transitioning time between production runs, and less janitors and cleaning supplies needed to keep the work area clean and safe. The conveyor system completely eliminates the need for climate control and expensive filters to capture minute particles from the surrounding air.

Consider current operating costs, efficiency rates, and profit margins. If technology is outdated, learn more here about the various applications and advantages offered by a custom designed cable and tube conveyor system. An on-site assessment of the needs and possibilities, along with a detailed estimate, can be arranged to help owners make informed decisions.

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